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Welcome to J.V.B Wicoff Elementary School Parent Teacher Association! We are a nonprofit, volunteer organization, and our mission aligns with the State and National PTA. Our mission is to make every child’s potential a reality. We speak with one voice for every child!

The PTA is an enriching engagement between our parents/ grandparents/ guardians  and educators to support our children’s learning and strengthen our social fabric. It is a forum for Wicoff families to obtain knowledge and voice their thoughts and concerns about what is happening in the school.


The Wicoff PTA’s continuous effort is to build the connection between home, school, community;  to organize events that help school students and their families as well as fundraise that provide resources to our school children, families, and school staff.

PTA takes a more active role in developing programs, advocacy and training. PTA operates at the school building, district, state and national levels and works on policy to better support children. Local PTA units set their own goals, but they also join together to advocate and partner as a larger group. PTA is membership based and uses money from dues to offer staff support and grants, and to develop national programs, such as their Reflections arts in education program and their Standards for Family-School Partnerships implementation guide. ( Source: Wikipedia) 


In his 2001 book, Bowling Alone, the political scientist Robert Putnam argues that PTAs and similar voluntary associations serve as essential building blocks of democratic governance Many research study indicates that students relatively have a higher achievement growth in school with active PTAs in comparison to their peers in schools without active PTAs.

At Wicoff Elementary School, PTA is an integral part of school. It is an ever involving  team effort of a parent – teacher association to be able to provide the best possible learning and enrichment program for our children. The Wicoff PTA has been a part of Wicoff School since …….  


A member of Wicoff Parent Teacher Association, becomes a member of New Jersey State and National PTA, too. The National PTA founded in 1897 is an umbrella organization that continues to create a platform for collective action in contemporary public shools. The National PTA was central to the implementation of school lunches which is an integral aspect of school.  Membership number counts when lobbying for the betterment of our children at local, state and national level.

When you become a member of school PTA, you help fund many events such as school wide assemblies, bingo night, staff appreciation week and many more. When you become a member of Wicoff PTA, you voice your thoughts at the PTA general meeting with school administrators.


Parent Teacher Association comprises of passionate, dedicated, enthusiastic volunteers who want to support the school by dedicating time, money and or skills. Every volunteer who pays the membership fees is a PTA member. Over the years hundred of parents serve the school in different ways. This year in the leadership role are -


2023 – 24 Wicoff PTA Executive Board Members


Ms. Maureen Cook, Board Director

Shreya Dasgupta, President    
Sailu Rachapudi, Treasurer
Ajanta Shah, Secretary  
Sangeeta Vinoth, Vice President    
Cara Lee, Vice President    
Andrea Muscato, Vice President    
Chaitali Deshpande, Vice President


2023 – 24 Event Chairperson


Stage a story – Cara Lee

Book Fair Fall and Spring– Ajanta Shah/Cara Lee

Reflections - Sailu Rachapudi

Bingo Night - Sailu Rachapudi

Memberships Chair- Registrations, Memberhub updates - Chaitali Deshpande

Year Book - Sangeeta Vinoth

Publicity Chair- Newsletters, Whatsapp groups and social media - Andrea Muscato

Website Management - Sailu Rachapudi

Merchandise Management - Shreya Dasgupta



We are ALWAYS striving hard to keep our PTA in good standing. It can only happen when each and every family join the PTA membership. To become a member, click here.


We are ALWAYS looking for help with PTA organized events. To volunteer please click


We are ALWAYS looking for families to buy Wicoff Sprit wear for children, themselves and their loved ones. Please click here


We are ALWAYS appreciative of volunteers keen to share ideas and thoughts. Please write to us at


We are ALWAYS open to donations and help us fundraise.To donate please click here

Please Note: Wicoff PTA is a 501c3 Organization that does not endorse or advertise for any political candidate or institution. We welcome all volunteers and ask who are in such position to not post voluntarily any school events to their platform, as it can appear as an endorsement. 

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